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    Marina Powder World Club
    Hamasaki official fan base
    A welfare center that belongs to Hamasaki Iron Powder

    it's here
    You can get


    First-hand activity offers
    2. Massive tryout opportunities
    3. New prerelease tasting opportunities
    4. Right to offline activities with priority and free participation
    5. Send the Hamasaki Bag from time to time
    6. Special fan welfare within the group


    You only need
    1. Focus on the "Hashimasaki Group" personal micro-channel (micro-signal: binqifoods-bq) and send "I want to join the Marina Pink World Club";
    2. We will send you the link registration information;
    3. Waiting for the review. After the review, we will pull you in. After you enter the group, you will become a member of the “Lianfen World Club”.



    Because of fate, so meet!
    Because of the activity, so met!
    Because of Hamasaki, so happy!
    Join us now!