"Dip sauce biscuits" industry standard drafting unit

Biscuits with Dip-Group Standard T/CASMES 24-2022

Leading the drafting unit of the industry standard "dipping sauce biscuits" for the subdivision of snacks. Lead the initiative to subdivide the snack industry standard, "dipping sauce biscuits-group standard T/CASMES 24-2022" was released on may 25, 2022 and implemented on may 26, 2022. The document specifies the terms and definitions, requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transportation, storage and shelf life of dipping sauce biscuits.

Snack standard drafting unit

Snack standard drafting unit

General requirements for children's snacks-Group standard T/CFCA0015-2020

Industry Authority | Snack Standard Drafting Unit "General Requirements for Children's Snacks" is a standard specially formulated for children's snacks. It scientifically sorts out and defines the concepts of snacks and children's snacks, and clarifies the requirements for the production of raw materials, sensory, nutritional components, physical and chemical indicators, pollutant indicators, mycotoxin indicators, microbial indicators, food additives and other requirements for children's snacks. The "General Requirements for Children's Snacks" divides children into two stages according to their age: preschool children aged 3 to 6, and school-age children aged 6 to 12. According to the growth characteristics of children at different ages, different key nutrient requirements were determined. For children's healthy diet, refer to the "Chinese Children and Adolescents Snacks Guide", put forward the regulations of adding less sugar, salt, and oil, and require the limit of sodium chloride, sucrose, and fat. In terms of packaging design safety, the group standard requires that the packaging of children's snacks should not only meet the relevant national standards, but also fully consider the safety of children in the design of packaging structure, and should not cause harm to children in the process of use, such as cutting, eating and other risks.