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    "Optimization" strategy, improving, improving market competitiveness

    "Optimization" strategy, improving, improving market competitiveness

    2018/04/11 14:51
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    In the new economic era, it is not big fish that eat small fish, but fast fish eat slow fish. The market is changing so fast that too many private enterprises fall. Those companies that persist should not only keep up with the times, but must lead the times.
    We have done extraordinary things outstandingly, kept up with the times, and adjusted our direction in a timely manner. This is the secret of Guangdong Ayazoo Group Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hamasaki Food") ingenuity for 20 years, and is still at the forefront of the industry.
    Faced with the rapid changes in the snack food industry market in 2018, based on changes in economic downturn, consumer substitution, and changes in channels and communications, Hamasaki experienced the crisis in the future leisure food industry. In response to this problem, relevant marketing strategies are more relevant to market reality. , more in line with the company's actual adjustments, rainy days, facing the market's turbulence.
    After the company’s management discussed and researched, it proposed the “adjustment, optimization, consolidation, and improvement” of the eight-character principle, and implement the transformation from quantity to quality.
    In-depth exploration of Hamasaki's "optimization" strategy
    1. Product structure optimization
    Pursue operating efficiency
    After experiencing the impact of the rise of the craziest raw materials in the history of 2017, the fast-moving consumer goods industry ushered in the official implementation of the most stringent environmental protection policy in history in 2018. The prices of consumer goods such as beer, liquor, and food have risen...
    Facing the wave of rising prices, Hamasaki will appropriately adjust prices, improve quality, complete mass-to-quality conversions, increase service levels, increase market input, and fine-tune the market. Only in this way can the market develop steadily, benignly, and sustainably.
    Obsolete obsolete categories Strengthen superior categories
    Each product has its growth cycle from its birth to its entry into the market. When a product enters a recession and completes its historical mission, we should eliminate this product.
    Therefore, under this guidance, Hamasaki will focus on optimizing the product structure, eliminating some "fee-time-consuming" products with relatively low sales volume entering the recession period, focusing on firepower, vigorously making further developments for the company's dominant categories, and strengthening such Product promotion.
    Extend to quality boutique routes
    In the wave of consumption upgrades in the new era, consumers are particularly prominent for better and more appropriate consumer demand. People's life changes from "material and cultural needs" to "needs for a better life."
    In the choice of snacks, with the main force of 80, 90 after the main consumer, they pay more attention to the tone of the brand, product quality. Brands that are known for their “quality of taste” are especially popular with them. Therefore, the Hamasaki product line will be extended to high-quality boutique lines, constantly improving product quality and quality.
    2. Customer Service Optimization
    In order to further enhance the core competitiveness and improve the level of management, the Hamasaki Group will actively adjust and optimize customer service in light of its own reality.
    The first is to stabilize existing customers, strengthen service to existing customers, and increase investment in existing customers. In-depth market, solid service, and constantly consolidate its market base, so that customers in operating the operation of Hamasaki products more profitable, so that the cooperation between the two parties will be more long-lasting.
    The second is to increase the cultivation and support of key customers. For customers who attach importance to Hamasaki and are willing to invest more energy and resources, Hamasaki will also focus on training and increase support.
    3. Sales team optimization
    With the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, limited market share makes the company will face increasingly fierce competition, the need to build a strong sales team beyond the further optimization of company's products and strategies has become increasingly prominent.